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Wiz Insurance– Type of Insurance In Indonesia – Currently many emerging Insurance companies in Indonesia and its products are more diverse, but not all types of insurance will suit your needs. Each type of insurance has different benefits, which is necessary precision before you decide to buy insurance products. You should adjust to your needs and your ability and make sure that you get adequate information about the track record of the insurance company that you choose.

Information about insurance companies Indonesia can easily get through articles – articles about insurance spread on the internet or insurance forums. From there you can get a picture of what the insurance company. If the insurance company can be trusted of course will be many positive testimonials, vice versa if the performance of the insurance company is bad of course there will be many negative testimony in circulation.

Type of Insurance Indonesia According to the Association of Life Insurance Indonesia consists of three kinds, namely:

Term Life Insurance
This Term Life Insurance will provide maximum protection with normally relatively low premiums. Therefore this type of insurance is in great demand by the prospective insured who have large insurance needs but have limited purchasing power insurance premium.

Whole Life Insurance
this will give you lifetime or permanent protection, lifetime life insurance is perfect for you who need life protection as well as savings funds that can be used for inheritance.

Dual-purpose Life Insurance
This type of insurance will provide protection by providing a sum of money when the insured dies in the insurance period and within a certain period, which will also provide all the sum assured if he is still alive at the end of coverage. Because it gives two benefits at the same time this insurance is called dual-purpose. This insurance is very suitable for prospective holders of insurance policies that want the insured is protected from financial impact due to early death.

From the above explanation it is clear that the type of insurance in Indonesia is diverse. You should carefully choose the benefits that can be taken from the insurance you will take. Whether the insurance has been in accordance with your needs and abilities or not, you are the one who determines.

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