The Cause of Insurance Claim Rejected

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Wiz Insurance – The Cause of Insurance Claim Rejected – In the event of an unexpected disaster or event, the insured customer (the insured) must be hoping to obtain his / her right in accordance with the policy by making a claim. But there are times when the insurer refused claims of this type of insurance. Of course this incident is very disappointing.

  1. There are several factors causing your claim to be rejected, including:

  2. Customer’s mistake when filling out insurance demand for education or other insurance proposals.

  3. Disasters or risks experienced by customers are not guaranteed or mentioned in the policy.

  4. Because the customer has not done his obligation to the insurance company, ex: pay the premium on time.

  5. Claims occur outside the policy period before the coverage period beginsĀ or after the coverage period ends

  6. The customer is late reporting the claim to the insurance company.

  7. The Customer can not prove the loss nor show the evidence.

The best insurance companies are not given the opportunity to conduct surveys or investigations before deciding to pay claims.

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